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Title of expert in Discrimination, Racism and Xenofobia

Date of startDate of endingNumber of hoursUniversity fees
10 January 2018 20 June 2018 200 1260 %u20AC

Open term until 30 November








The Faculty of Right of the University of Alicante, in collaboration with the Institut Valencià of Seguretat Public i Emergències (IVASPE), gives the title of Expert in Discrimination, Racism and Xenofobia.

The fundamental aim of this Course consists in forming to professionals in the knowledge of the tools (conceptual and actitudinales) of sensitisation, prevention and intervention in situations of discrimination, racism and xenofobia. It pretends attain a training so much in appearances of índole theoretical as in protocols and plans of performance for the prevention of the discrimination, the racism and the xenofobia.

It treats of a title semipresencial of character interdisciplinar, that has the participation of profesorado of distinct branches of the knowledge as well as of professionals involved in the gestión of the cultural diversity in the police field. All the asignaturas have developed from a theoretical perspective-practical with the aim to endow to the student or professional of all the instruments and necessary mechanisms to articulate successfully the different intercultural relations and interraciales that develop in the daily practice in the field of the work executed by the strengths and bodies of security.


Faculty of Right of the University of Alicante.

Director of Studies: Dª Beatriz Souto Galván (

Coordinator: Dª Natalia Sánchez Moraleda (


The Expert is directed so much to titled university or students of upper education as to professionals that are interested in receiving a skilled training in the gestión of public politics directed to the prevention and elimination of the discrimination, the racism and the xenofobia. Especially headed to the strengths and bodies of security.

Conditions of access:

To be admitted in the Expert is necessary that the candidate/to find in any of the following situations:

- Be in possession of an Official Title of Upper Education;

- Fulfil with the requirements of access to university studies of EEES;

- To this title of Expert also will be able to access by means of a special proof of access for alumnado with professional experience.

Criteria of admission:

It will concede priority in the admission to the students/ace selected by the Institut Valencià of Seguretat Public i Emergències (IVASPE).

For the rest of candidates/ace establish the following criteria of selection:

To) academic File;

b) Professional experience;

c) Professional projection and expectations of training.


The Expert will have a length of six months (of 10 January to 20 June 2018). The face-to-face sessions will give the Wednesdays of 15.30 to 20.30 hours, in sequential order with regard to the corresponding blocks to the Plan of Studies.

Excepcionalmente And by unforeseen reasons, the weekly appointments can suffer some variation that will be communicated to the alumnado with antelación.

Place of celebration:

The sessions will develop in Classrooms and/or spaces of the Faculty of Right that result assigned. With exceptional character, will be able to celebrate sessions in distinct university spaces, that will be communiqués to the alumnado with sufficient antelación.


BLOCK I: Module semipresencial

- Conceptual questions apropos the equality and the discrimination (1'5 ects)

Profa. Isabel Lifante Vidal (Department of Philosophy of the Right)

- Ethnicity, race and xenofobia (1 ects)

Prof. José Ignacio Garrigós Monerris (Department of Sociology II)

- Frequent forms of discrimination and racism in Spain: islamofobia, antigitanismo, xenofobia and new racism (2 ects)

Profs. Daniel The Vine Married (Department of Sociology I) and Eva Lapiedra Gutiérrez (Department of Integrated Philologies)

BLOCK II: Module semipresencial

- International action against the racism and the intolerance (2 ects)

Prof. Jaume Ferrer Lloret (Department of International Right Public)

- Normative national in matter of discrimination, racism and xenofobia (1 ects)

Profa. Ainhoa Lasa López (Department of Juridical Studies of the State)

- Political of gestión of the cultural diversity: special reference to the Valencian Community (1'5 ects)

Profa. Beatriz Souto Galván (Department of Historical Sciences-Juridical)

- Mediación Intercultural: (1 ects)

Profa. Awatef Ketiti Yahmedi (Faculty of Philology, Translation and Communication of the University of Valencia)

- Penal persecution of the crimes of hate in Spain (2 ects)

Profa. Cristina Fernández-Pacheco Estrada (Department of Penal Right)

BLOCK III: face-to-face Module

- Strategies for the reduction of the discrimination and the racism. Analysis of experiences of police intervention (2 ects)

Profs. Daniel The Vine Married and Francisco José French García (Department of Sociology II)

- Technical of social communication to answer in front of the racism and the xenofobia (1 ects)

Profa. Carmen Old Skills (Department of Evolutionary and Didactic Psychology)

- Protocols of performance of the strengths and bodies of security (2 ects)

Prof. José Carlos of Bartolomé Cenzano (Professor of Constitutional Right of the Polytechnical University of Valencia)


The term of preinscripción is of 15 September to 30 November 2017. The/The candidates/ace will have to fill the form and, besides, send by email to the following documentation scanned:

  • Photocopy of the DNI (in case of Spanish nationality), or of the number of identification of foreigners (NIE) or of the passport (those who do not have the Spanish nationality).
  • In the case of titled by the University of Alicante (UA): if the title that gives them access has been obtained in the UA will not have to contribute any documentation.
  • In the case of titled by a Spanish university: Photocopy collated or compulsada of the title, or of the tank in his case, that gives him access.
  • In the case of titled by a foreign university:
    • If has the title recognised: Photocopy collated or compulsada of the homologation of the title that gives him access
    • If it does not have the title recognised: Photocopy collated or compulsada of the title that gives him access.

I collate:

Subdelegaciones Of Government

Administrative office of the Degree in the University of Alicante (Area of Penal Right-Faculty of Right)


Organ or institution that issued the document

You would notice

  • Brief curriculum vitae with special reference to the academic file and to the professional experience. The UA reserves the right to request to the/the candidate/to the documentary accreditation of the merits alleged.

The definite admission will be communicated by email inside the 15 skillful days following of the ending of the term of preinscripción. The/The candidate/to admitted/to will receive an email with all the necessary information to formalise the matrícula.


The amount of the rights of matrícula is of 1260 euros. The first payment will realise in the moment to formalise the matrícula (60%), whereas the second (20%) and the third (20%) will formalise , respectively, in February and in April of 2018.

These rights comprise:

To) The cost of the Expert.

b) The material of each module.

c) The Card of University Identification (TIU).

d) The rights of expedition of the title typical of the UA.

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