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Informacion adaptacion diplomatura To degree in GAP

Information for the Diplomados/ace in Gestión and Public Administration that are interested in cursar the Degree in Gestión and Public Administration.

If you are diplomado/to in GAP and want to cursar the degree in GAP have to request, of the 1 to 15 July 2016 or of the 5 to 11 September 2016, the adaptation in the Office of the Faculty, presenting the available instance in this link: instance of adaptation.

Also you can present the application of adaptation by means of the utility of And-Administration of Virtual Campus %u2013 UACloud.

If there were more applications of adaptation that squares will assign in function of the half note of the file of the diplomatura in GAP.

If you obtain square, will be able to enrol you of the 5 to 11 September.

You can consult the asignaturas that have adaptation of the diplomatura to the degree and the asignaturas that have to cursar to obtain to the degree in the following link: Table of adaptation

Like the asignaturas to cursar belong to the four courses of the degree in GAP, the schedule of classes of some asignaturas coincides. To be able to cursar simultaneously the asignaturas that coincide, has to choose to what asignatura goes to assist, and request the teaching semipresencial by adaptation curricular of the another asignatura. You can consult more information on the adaptation curricular in the web page: adaptation curricular.

Likewise, according to the decree 139/2015 of taxes by which fix the taxes to satisfy by the provision of university academic services, will have to credit 25% of the credits adapted.


Finally, inform that the rule on permanence and continuation of studies of Degree is different to the rule of permanence of Diplomaturas and Degrees. To be able to finalise successfully the degree in GAP is important that know this rule. The information is available in the web pages:

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