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Preinscripción For the course 2017-2018

(For any explanation on the preinscripción, the alumnado can put in contact with the Centre of Continuous Training of the University of Alicante)

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Information for the alumnado that initiates studies in the course 2017-18

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In virtue of the agreement of collaboration subscribed between the University of Alicante and the Illustrate Provincial School of Lawyers of Alicante, the Faculty of Right of the University of Alicante will offer from the course 2012/2013 of a Máster in Abogacía, whose main aim is to improve the professional qualification of the future lawyers and lawyers in what that notable collaborators of the Administration of Justice with the end that the citizens have guaranteeed an advice and a juridical defence of quality like essential elements for the exercise of the fundamental right to the tutela judicial effective .

Further to provide a simple training in technicians of procedural performance or through other mechanisms of composition of interests and from a conception of the Right like technical vehicle of the Justice, pretends the Máster pretends to offer a training in values that inspire to the professional futures of the Abogacía in each one of his performances and in his relations with the customers and the rest of juridical operators involved in the task to interpret and apply the Right.

In accordance with the previous, the aims of the Máster are the following:

%u2666 Give fulfillment to the requests of training that establishes the Law 34/2006, of 30 October, in relation with the professionals of the Abogacía.

%u2666 The professional training of quality of the future lawyers and lawyers in what that notable collaborators of the Administration of Justice for the guarantee of the exercise of the fundamental right to the tutela judicial effective.

%u2666 Facilitate the future professional insertion of the egresados by means of the knowledge of the juridical frame and the real surroundings of the professional exercise of the Abogacía.

%u2666 Sensitise to the and the students in the democratic values and in the ethical and deontological values of the profession.

%u2666 Prepare to the and the students for the accreditation of his professional qualification.

To such end, the formative program that they will have to cursar the students structures around 5 modules, corresponding the first to necessary transversal questions for the exercise of the abogacía, such as the school juridical frame and the practice in technicians and instruments in the exercise of the abogacía. The remaining blocks answer to the matters that could integrate inside the four orders jurisdiccionales, but treating so much the appearances extrajudiciales like judicial. With this structure pretends combine the training generalista in the competitions, skills and attitudes required for the exercise of the Abogacía, of a side, and his application to fields of material specialisation more specific, of another. On the other hand, the module of External Practices will allow the traslación of the results of the learning reached in the previous modules to a real experience of professional exercise, conceiving the module Work End of Máster, finally, like a tending activity to reflect the formative experience of the student under the form of preparation of a file or of a dictamen relative to a concrete case related with the matters that object of study.


¿It is compulsory the Master in Abogacía to be able to exert the profession of lawyer?

In virtue of the new additional disposal octave of the Law 34/2006, of 30 October, on the access to the professions of Lawyer and Procurador of the Courts, entered by the Law 5/2012, of 6 July, of mediación in civil and mercantile subjects, does not demand any requirement to exert the profession to the graduates in Right, whenever in the time limit of two years, to explain from the moment in that they find in conditions to request the expedition of the official title of graduate in Right, proceed to colegiarse like ejercientes or no ejercientes.

Therefore, the realisation of the Máster, as well as the superación of the examination of State, will be compulsory for the students of degree, but no for the ones of degree.

¿Why do the Máster?

In spite of not being compulsory, the Faculty of Right and the School of Lawyers of Alicante have decided to keep the offer of Máster of the Abogacía with the end to satisfy the demand of the graduates in Right to obtain a solid training that qualify them for the exercise of the abogacía. The Máster supposes the adaptation to the new derivative regulation of the Law of Access to the Abogacía of the «General Course for the Training of Lawyers» of the School of Juridical Practice of Alicante, given of uninterruptible form from September of 1981 until November of 2012, to the that substitutes, by what this Máster will be the only half that en el futuro will enable to realise the proof CAP, precise to exert like lawyer of the Turn of Job. Besides, it treats of a Máster official that gives access to the studies of doctorate.

¿Which is the length of the Máster?

The plan of studies of the Máster in Abogacía by the University of Alicante consists of 90 credits ECTS, distributed in two academic courses. The first course comprises a formative period of 60 credits distributed in asignaturas with an essentially practical approach, that will be given by professors, pleaded in exercise and other professionals. The 30 corresponding credits to the second academic course devote to a period of practices designed, organised and recognised by the Illustrate School of Lawyers of Alicante.

¿Which is the price of the Máster?

The price of the Máster approved by the Generalitat Valencian for the course 2017/2018 is of ...... %u20AC/Credit (in 1ª matrícula), by what the total price of the first course rises to ones ........ %u20AC (Taxes established in the Annex of the Decree (DOCV of July).

¿Which is the schedule of the classes and where go to give?

The schedules already are available in the TIME section . The period lectivo of the first course will begin on 10 October 2017 and will finalise on 1 June 2018. The classes will take place in schedule of 17:00 to 21:00 of Monday to Friday and will give some days in the Faculty of Right and others in the installations of the School of Lawyers of Alicante (ICALI).



Group 1- Classroom Máster 1 of the Faculty of Right

Group 2- Classroom Máster 2 of the Faculty of Right

Group 3- Classroom OF/1-18P of the Faculty of Right


To be admitted/to in the Máster in Abogacía is necessary to fulfil the requirement of:

- Be in possession of the title of Graduate in Right, Graduated in Right or of another university title of equivalent Degree that gather the requirements established in the article 2.1.To of the Royal decree775/2011, of 3 June, by which approves the Regulation of the Law 34/2006, of 30 October, on the access to the professions of Lawyer and Procurador of the Courts.

- Degrees obtained abroad: Be in possession of the credencial that accredits the homologation or validation of the degree.

Can consult more information and realise the preinscipción in this link: PREINSCRIPCIÓN


If once finalised the processes of access, admission and matrícula for an academic course remain vacancies in some máster, the managers of the same will be able to admit and enrol of conditional form to the alumnado that request it when it gather all the requirements of admission and find in these circumstances:

1. The alumnado does not have of the title that gives him access to the master, having possibility to obtain it at most in the date established by the University of Alicante for the closing of records of the Extraordinary Announcement of December of this same course.

2. The alumnado does not have of the accreditation of the level B1 in Foreign Tongue, in the cases in that like this it demand for the access, having possibility to obtain it before the 15 December of the same academic course. The matrícula conditional does not comport payment of tax some and only will give right to formalise the matrícula definite in the case to fulfil with the requirement that was missing in the terms established to the effect. Of not to fulfil will proceed to the erased of the file in UXXI Academic.

Will be able to request in the administrative office of the Faculty of Right of 28 September to 4 October 2017 by means of form directed to the Vicedecano of Postgrado accompanied of photocopy of the DNI and academic certificate personnel in the case of not having cursado the title of Right in the University of Alicante.

The selection of the applications presented will llevar with base in the half note of the academic files, attending to the following criteria, in order of preference:

1. Students that have finalised his studies after the 3ª phase of preinscripción and matrícula.

2. Students that only have pending the B1.

3. Students that only have pending the TFG.

4. Students that have pending/s one or several asignaturas (until a maximum of 3), distinct to the language or to the TFG.

In the case of the matrículas conditional, will not allow the election of line of the Work End of Máster in the first period of matrícula, only will be in the second period.

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