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History of the Faculty of Law

In the historical University of Saint Sunday of Orihuela, the students in possession of the Bachiller in Arts could cursar any of the there existent studies (Medicine, Theology, Civil Right and Canonical Right). In 1655 the group of studies remained constituted around five chairs, empowering to obtain the title of Doctor.

To these historical precedents can trace back the links of the Faculty of Right of Alicante that, nevertheless, during almost three centuries, remained orphan of University and therefore of training of graduates in this field.

It was precise to expect to the creation of the University School of Alicante in 1968 (with the studies of Chemistry and Geography and History) and to the back extension of his educational offer to recover, from 1973, the studies of Right (also initiated Medicine and Economic), in principle only in his first cycle (1º º 2 and 3er course), what forced to the students to continue the second cycle (4º and 5º course) in other Universities, generally next (Valencia or Murcia).

The valuable experience obtained through this Centre, joined to the important demand of these studies in our province, favoured the consolidation of the same when it produces the creation of the University of Alicante. This, created by the Law 29/1979 of 30 October 1979, will recognise like one of the Faculties the one of Right.

It treats , then , of a young Faculty historical heiress of the University of Orihuela, although this data has not been inconvenient so that in a short period, have been able to win a recognised prestige, favour definitely to the educational activity and researcher developed by the different professors/ace that have recalado in her, but likewise by the activity of his alumnado and in general of the personnel to his service.

The first promotion of graduates/ace in the Faculty of Right of the University of Alicante was the one of the academic course 1981-1982.

From this moment has continued forming students in distinct degrees of the field of the Juridical Sciences according to the plans of valid studies and each moment.

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