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Resolution final allocation of second practical term 2013-2014



The first
-publish the definitive allocation of practices in companies. Students can consult the allocation across Virtual Campus, in the option "Virtual Secretary" - > internship / Practicum - > proof of award. Get the receipt, if the student has awarded company will appear the company and guardian of the company's data. If it does not appear any data means that the student has not obtained plaza.

Students who have not obtained plaza of practices in this second term, be able to attend an ceremony for the award of vacancies. In this Act, the seats that have become vacant and the squares of practices that have come to the Office practice after the deadline will be offered.

The event will be held on Friday, November 8, in the law faculty degrees lounge, with the following schedule:

-Students of the degree in labour Sciences: 10:30

-Students of the Bachelor in law and Bachelor in law: at 11:00.

There will be appeal to the students according to the order in which have participated in the second period for application of practices. If the student is not present when you make your call it will decay in their right to participate in this award.

If a student can not attend but wish to participate in the event, someone else may do so on your behalf by means of authorization. For this purpose the authorized person must present a written stating the express authorization of the student applicant, which must be signed, together with a photocopy of your ID and the original ID of the authorized person.

.-students with definite assignment of practices should be in contact with the tutor of practices of the company/institution for the period and schedule of practices, with a minimum of 15 days prior to the start of each period practices. So you can see the name and telephone number of the supervisor of the company in receipt of award. In addition, he shall inform the internship office schedule and training, for the signature of the annex to the Convention. This communication may make it in person, presenting a written data either by filling out a web form of practices, available on the website:

once communicated data from practices, practices Office will draft the annex to the Convention and shall inform the students when it is signed by the Dean of practices. The student should go to the Office practice to sign the annex and deliver it to the company/institution for your signature. When it is signed by all parties (Associate Dean, student and company), the student can start practices.

Students may not start practices if it is not duly signed by all parties to the annex to the Convention.

Practices carried out outside the period of signature of the annex to the Convention will be not counted to recognize the corresponding appropriations.

Fifth.-Students who, having received square in this definite assignment, renounce the plaza, they may only request practices the next academic year 2014-15 if, once the allocation practices of all application deadlines, had been vacant.

Also, students who have completed practices during the 2013-14 academic year only may request practices the next academic year 2014-15 if, once the allocation of practices of all application deadlines, they had stayed vacant.

if a student does not obtain square in the definite assignment, may request to include in their registration the same subjects and loans for which applied for the internship. To do this, you can apply written in Office practices, within the period of 5 days, ending on November 12.

Alicante, 5 November 2013.

Millán Requena Casanova

Vice-Dean of external practices and mobility

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