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Action of dinamización educational of the Faculty of Law


José Chofre Sirvent
Macario Alemany García
Luis Alfonso Martínez Giner


1.- Sense of the action dinamizadora
The process of Bolonia pretends that the upper education give a more suitable answer “to the social demands and of the labour market”, which means that the university do not go out of the “campus” only with knowledges, but with what describe like “skills, competitions and destrezas”.
The process of Bolonia requires, pues, a series of changes in the educational methodology of the University.
It is logical that in front of a change of this envergadura arise resistances by part of professors and students, some patents and manifested, and other latent like fruit of the inertia.
Agilizar The methodological change, without forcing it, is the task that proposes to the network of dinamizadores of the European convergence in the University of Alicante. For such end pretend generate some processes of reflection and change in the titulaciones corresponding.

2.- Methodological changes in the process of European harmonisation
The European System of Transfer of Credits (ECTS), that was born with the scholarship ERASMUS, and that pursues to guarantee “elements of comparable and transparent measure” of the curriculums of the students between the distinct universities, supposes:

Schedule the docencia from the perspective of hours of work of the student (1 credit = 25 hours, including the work presencial in the classroom and the no presencial of a half student).
Centre the education in the student, instead of in the professor. That is to say, diminish the sessions of “class magistral” and incrementar the personal work and grupal of the students so much inside as out of the classroom.
Enter the continuous evaluation front to the global final examination and exclusive, taking also in consideration the works realised.
The continuous evaluation supposes, so that it was effective, that the student receives information (assessment, comment) on each exercise in next date to the execution of the same.

Diagram proposed of the university Education (the age is an orientation on the temporary sequence estimated of a student to complete time):

Esquema propuesto de educación universitaria

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