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Innovus, jovenes researchers in right of the University of Alicante

¿What is Innovus?

At the beginning of the year 2015, set up an initiative for the exchange of experiences and knowledges between the and the students of the Program of Doctorate in Right of the University of Alicante. The success harvested and the path visited since have supposed the birth of a new project in the frame of the Faculty of Right of this University. It arises like this, to finals of 2016, the network %u201CINnovus, Young Researchers in Right of the University of Alicante (JIDua)%u201D.

Equally, it fits to stand out the existent connection between this network and the Seminar Interdisciplinar of the Faculty of Right, since both projects favour the exchange of knowledges between researchers of different areas of knowledge.


The Faculty of Right of the University of Alicante enjoys of recognised prestige, had to, to a large extent, to the educational activity and researcher that develops his profesorado. This network pretends to contribute to a greater visibility of this excellent investigation realised by the staff of professors and professors of the Faculty and, very especially, by part of the profesorado younger of the centre.

This type of networks is frequent in a big number of centres of investigation and universities, so much in the national plane like international. It results a form to endow of a greater dynamism to the activity researcher that llevar the Faculty, as well as contribute to the narrowing of the relations between the distinct branches of the Right and other extraneous disciplines to him but with which give strong synergies. recalca Like this the multisdisciplinariedad like one of the key factors. Then , in fact, the Programs of Excellence and Talent, so much to national level (Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness) like supranacional (Program H2020) plead for projects interdisciplinares.


With the end to reach the aims of diffusion, visibility and interdisciplinarity, will realise Seminars of Young Researchers, forum in which the researchers in Juridical Sciences, as well as of other areas of knowledge will share academic interests and of promotion.

In effect, the distinct sessions of the Seminars of Young Researchers will analyse subjects of interest and notable actuality in the field of the Juridical Sciences from a transversal perspective. Of this form, without abandoning the juridical analysis, will do an approximation to other appearances interdisciplinares ( Politicians or economic) that they can be of importance in the subject object of study.


The relative information to the network, as well as concerning the activities that, under the umbrella of the same, organise , can find in the following email address


Miguel Basterra (; Ext.: 2254)

José Miguel Beltrán (; Ext.: 3626)

Elizabeth Gil (; Ext.: 1182)

Vicente Gimeno (; Ext.: 2827)

Nuria Martínez (; Ext.: 1311)

Carolina Soler (; Ext.: 3201)


V Seminario Jóvenes Investigadores: La protección de datos: un análisis jurídico multidisciplinar

Viernes, 16 de febrero de 2018, a las 12.30h en la Sala de Juicios de la Facultad de Derecho.


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