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Information on the program of action tutorial

The programme of action tutorial is a program of personalised attention to the student/to through a tutor/to that offers academic advice, personal and professional, among others subjects on:
  • Information to the new students on the organisational appearances and of operation of the University (paper of the representatives of the alumnado, structure of the Faculty, Departments, regulations of the Faculty, services of the UA, etc.)
  • Orientation on specific methods of study (advice to surpass the difficulties of learning, the realisation of examinations, matrícula, etc.)
  • Possibility of support along the development curricular (selection of free configuration, optativas, professional practices, mobility, etc.).
  • Serve like referent to realise assessments on the performance and effort of the alumnado.
  • Orientation on professional paths
  • Information on European space of upper education: implantation of the degree, supplement to the title, etc.
The programme of action tutorial goes directed to the alumnado of the official degrees of the Faculty of Right (Right, DADE, Sciences of the Work, GAP, Criminology, Labour Relations) so much again entry in first as of the remaining courses of the career.

The registration in the programme of action tutorial is voluntary. Once inscribed the student/to engages to:
Assist to some meetings, roughly four to the year, with the tutor/to and the remaining mates/ace of the group.

Sue the tutorías individual that went necessary to treat to solve the problems or questions that to the student/to go him arising during the development of the course.
To the beginning of the course the professor-tutor will put in contact with the alumnado by what results indispensable that facilitate an email address into use, as well as assist to the first meeting grupal that that summon.

The team decanal is convinced of the profits that this experience reports so much in the increase of the educational quality of our degrees as in the performance and academic integration of the alumnado. Therefore, we encourage you to participate in her and inscribe you. Will be able to do it through the program of automatrícula of Virtual Campus.

The material of support to the Programme of action Tutorial finds available in the following directions:

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