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The allocation of the period of matrícula realises in function of the half note of the file of the student, taking into account the qualifications obtained until the announcement C3 of the course 2016-17 (for the students that initiate studies will take into account the note of access to the University) The students with the highest notes have the appointment of matrícula from the start of the period of matrícula. In the degrees that offer several turns (morning and afternoon), recommend that it realise the matrícula in Virtual Campus to the start of the period assigned because once that the groups find complete, only will be able to choose those that have vacant squares.

It checks that they do not produce solapamientos between the schedule of the asignaturas of which have enrolled you.


The term of presentation of applications will coincide with your term of matrícula.

Students that initiate studies:

Students that continue studies :

For studies of Degree:


They consider reasons justified to request change of group:

Academic reasons: if the schedule of the group enrolled flap with the one of other asignaturas of your degree and are your last asignaturas to finish the career.

  • Note: For the alumnado that do not enrol of all the asignaturas to finish the career, does not consider cause justified the solapamiento of asignaturas of distinct academic courses. The alumnado, in accordance with the rule of permanence of the University of Alicante, has to enrol of the asignaturas pending and in base to to the schedule of these asignaturas make the rest of his matrícula.

Labour reasons: if the schedule of the group assigned is incompatible with your labour schedule. You have to justify it documentalmente by means of:

  • Report of labour life of the last 3 months (original)
  • Agreement of work registered with 3 months of antiquity like minimum (original and copy)
  • If in the agreement does not collect the schedule will have to present a certificate of the company with the labour schedule (original)

Sportive reasons: belong to any of the following supposed:

  • Sportsman of elite Level To and Level B of the Valencian Community, justified with federative certificate of the level to the that belong.
  • University sportsman that participate in sportive competitions in representation of the UA, justified by means of certificate of the Secretariat of Sports of the UA.


  • In case of minors, justified with original and photocopy of the book of family and supporting documentation of the care of the lower.
  • In case of dependent people, original and photocopy of the resolution of recognition of situation of dependency (DECREE 171/2007, of 28 September DOGV 5612).


  1. Fill and send the corresponding electronic form:

2. Print it and deliver it, together with the documentation justificativa, in the Office of the Faculty of Right during the schedule of attention to the public. The documentation justificativa will be able to deliver until 25 July to the 13:30 h (for the alumnado that initiates studies) and until 11 September to the 13.30 h ( for the alumnado of continuation)

Very important: If you do not deliver the application impresa and the documentation justificativa will not transact although you have filled it on-line.

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