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Cancellation/modification of registration

Modification of registration

The modification of registration is the administrative process which, at the request of the student, may produce the following effects.

  • Change of subjects
  • Cancellation or extension of the registration of one or more subjects.

You can modify it at any time during the entire period of registration.

Modifications of registration outside the time limits, except in exceptional cases will not be accepted (granting of internship, resolution of requests for recognition or recognition of credits...) and do not affect the extraordinary call (C1). For this reason, we recommend that you take special care at the time of your registration and you sure of that you are enrolled in each of the subjects you wish to study.

Cancellation of registration

In the registration cancellation affects each and every one of the courses and credits the student including registered, with the consequent annulment of the academic effects which, in his case, there had been.

The total cancellation of registration may occur:

  • At the request of the student, always to ensure compliance with the terms and other conditions set out in the present standard.
  • Ex officio, for non-payment of the tuition fee, in any of your receipt, within the time limits.

Proceed to the cancellation of your registration you can submit an instancein the Secretariat of the Faculty of law or by using the system of parties (indicating in the subject "registration is cancelled") If you had asked scholarship it is important that you specify this fact in your request for cancellation.

  • If you are a student of first pre-registration you will be entitled to the total cancellation of the registration with refund of fees if before December 15, you are admitted to this or another University to initiate studies of the same level.
  • On an exceptional basis, provided that it is justified, can ask the cancellation of registration, before begin final exams of the extraordinary calls (old call for December C1) or February (C2) (according to the dates established by the Center) and, for the remainder of calls before April 30.
  • In situations of death, illness or serious accident that prevents the normal achievement of the course, the proportion the service that don't leave you to lend will be entitled to a refund of fees.

Cancellation for non-payment will be held ex officio by the University Administration.


Consequences of the cancellation of registration

  • If the cancellation is granted not will it be calculated the year.
  • Students are enrolled in first for the first time that granted the annulment total because of accident or serious illness, will maintain the right of access no need to pre-enrol for the immediately following year, not computing in this square within the limits of admission.
  • When registration is cancelled for non-payment, the next course not may enroll if not paid before. For this reason for the admission of new registration, will need prior payment of the total of the latter, as it established the Decree of public prices of the Valencian Government.

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