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Extraordinary assessment after finishing studies

Extraordinary assessment (C1) is the first call for each academic year.

Evaluation tests will be held on the dates indicated to this effect on the academic calendar.

Only students who have pending, to finish his studies, a maximum of two subjects and the end grade or end of master work may request special assessment.

Students who do not exceed this test will have the regular valuation on that same academic year.

  • Request

Students who want to attend this extraordinary test should apply through the registration program, within the time limit set for registration.

  • The payment of fees:

Rates for the courses for which the student has requested extraordinary assessment will be included in letters of payment corresponding to the registration of that academic year. Those who enroll such test may not split the payment of the relevant fees provided for in the procedure of registration.

Non-payment of tuition, in deadlines, will result in the registration cancellation.

Requesting scholarship or help students will be exempt from the payment of the corresponding registration fee until your request is resolved unless they can finishing his studies before the resolution, in which case be required that they pay tuition if they want to apply for the title and, subsequently, if he is granted the scholarship or aid, would be the amount upon request by the person concerned or interested. They not get fellow or scholar status, or revoked the granted scholarship, will require them the payment of the fee by the registration process has been completed within 20 days of receipt of notification of payment.

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