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Extraordinary degree, diploma, degree and Master Award

The special award is given to students with the best record from each promotion. A special prize for every 50, or fraction of graduates is awarded. No need to request it; officially, in accordance with the regulations, centers proposed to the Governing Council candidates for special award for each qualification. It will finally own Governing Council who name officially to the / candidates deserving of this special award. %u2206l is notified in writing to the student.

Students who obtain the mastery award:

1st is exempt from fees of issuance of the title of Licentiate degree, diploma, Bachelor or Master if he has already paid the rates may request the return of the same, in the admissions (student Pavilion), using printed and presenting the receipt original have paid rates.

2 ° shall bear a mention in the record and title of students.

The University of Alicante carried out an act of Santo Tomás de Aquino, which makes awards extradordinarios of the AU Protocol.

In addition, students who have obtained extraordinary Prize eligible for awards to the academic performance of the Department and the Ministry, upon request in accordance with the respective calls. The Generalitat Valenciana through the Department of education comes calling the Award for academic achievement, to reward the best graduates students records / University / as in the Valencian Community. The call for proposals is published in the DOCV each year and your award may be in the student academic record.

The Ministry of education invites each National awards of excellence to the University academic year the best national record by university graduates, also can be granted for the second and third best record. The award of the prize, in addition to the prize money, involves the issuance of a diploma and the mention in the academic record.

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