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Half of the academic record note

The average record note appears on any fact sheets or academic certificate.

You can consult the information sheet of your file in your Virtual Campus. Virtual Secretariat - > record - > Factsheet

In your file, you will find two middle notes:

  • Calculated according to the Royal Decree 1125 / 2003 (average of 0 to 10 Note)

The average of each student's academic record will be the result of applying the following formula:

Sum of the credits earned by students each of them multiplied by the value of the qualifications that apply and divided by the number of total credits earned by the student.

In the case of subjects which do not have numerical rating personal rating is replaced by:

-Approved: 6

-Notable: 8

-Grades: 9.5

-Registration of honor:10

  • Calculated according to the Royal Decree 1267 / 1994(average of 0-4 Note)

The average mark is calculated by applying the following formula:

N = average grade

A + 2B + 3 C + 4 D

N = --------------------------------

A + B + C + D

A= Total of credits rated AP

B= Total of credits rated NT

C= Total credit rating SB

D= Total of credits rated MH

For this purpose the subjects validated will be an equivalence of 1.

In both cases, credits earned by recognition of credits corresponding to training activities not integrated in a curriculum (elective credits recognition) will be qualified with suitable and are not counted for the purposes of the calculation of the average academic record.

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