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Solicitud de expedición del título - Facultad de Derecho

Requirements to apply for the title:

  • Having overcome the total number of credits that make up your degree according to the established in your curriculum (all the reports should be signed and closed).
  • Be aware of your registration fee. If you are applicant for scholarship, and has not been resolved, you have two options:
  1. Wait for the scholarship is resolved, and if they grant it to you, then request the title.
  2. Pay the full amount of tuition, and, if subsequently granted you the scholarship, apply for the callback rates.

Application process:

For undergraduate and postgraduate degrees

From 15/06/2015, all requests for application for official title for undergraduate and graduate degrees will be accomplished through UA Cloud (Virtual Campus). All the information available about this new procedure is available on the website:

The new procedure in pdf manual download

For the degrees (Diplomaturas and Licenciaturas) endangered

To initiate the issuance of the title we must receive Secretariat the following documents:

1. Application of the title

2. photocopy of DNI, passport or other identity document valid and in force in the Member State of the European Union.

You can provide this documentation:

  • IN person, delivering it personally in Secretariat.
  • Distance: Sending a copy scanned both of the application of the DNI, NIE or Passport using the parts of the school system, by specifying as matter: application for the title.

The link to the system of parties is: & language = C

Payment of fees of forwarding:

Upon receipt of the documentation and found that you meet the requirements to apply for the title, we will issue the receipt of fees that you can display in your Virtual Campus.

You can pay this Bill:

  • By Virtual Campus, by any entity bank card
    (Virtual Secretary - > payment - > issued receipts - > %u20AC - > OK - > fill the number card - > OK - > confirm).
  • Cash, at any branch of Banco Sabadell, Banco Santander or Cajamurcia. Receipt you delivered it to Secretary (you can also download it from the Virtual Campus).

Delivery of the provisional title:

You can pick up personally in Secretariat the supplementary certificate of title in the following periods:

  • If you pay the receipt through Virtual Campus you can pick it up at the same time.
  • If you pay the receipt of fees in any Bank Office, can pick up the interim secretariat 3 days after (to tell since you present in the Secretariat paid receipt).
  • You can also enable someone else to perform the procedure by means of authorization signed by you, enclosing a photocopy of your ID card and ID card of the authorized person (law 15/1999, of 13 December, of protection of Personal character data).
    You can get a model of authorization here: authorization.

You can request us to send the supplementary title certificate by postal mail, if you so indicate at the time of the delivery of the documentation. If the documentation the delivery distance through the system of parties, you must indicate in the field "reason for consultation" the complete mailing address where you want us to send the supplementary certificate of title.

Rates of the title:

The issuance of the title has a rate that is updated annually according to the provisions of the Decree of rates of the Generalitat Valenciana.

For the 2013/14 course:

  • Degrees + European Diploma Supplement: %u20AC186,24
  • Diploma + European Diploma Supplement: %u20AC108,86
  • Grade: %u20AC186,24
  • Official master's degree: %u20AC212,07
Applicable discounts:

The application of various discounts shall apply only if it is duly justified and presenting the documents in force:

  • Large family General (50%). You must submit original and a photocopy, for your comparison of the updated title of numerous family.
  • Large family special (100%). You must submit original and a photocopy, for your comparison of the updated title of numerous family.
  • Disability equal to or greater than 33% (100%). You must submit certification of such circumstances and photocopy for your comparison.
  • Victim of armed bands and terrorist elements (100%). You must submit original and a photocopy, for verification, of the document attesting this situation or, in case of being a child of the person recognised as a victim, family book.

Final title and European supplement to the degree (SET):

The Negotiated titles will contact you when it is available the final title and the European Diploma Supplement, which you can pick up in that same negotiated.

The contact details for negotiated titles are:

  • Phone:
965903400 ext. 3046
  • Fax:
  • Email:
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