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transfer of record for simultaneous

He is understood by simultaneity of studies the possibility to have the student take two or more official university qualifications at the same time, either in the same or in different University.

Following the instruction of the Vice-Rectorate of students of the University of Alicante (25/10/2012):

The concurrency among studies official is authorized provided that the student meets the requirements of access and allocation of places in force and applicable in this University for each academic year.
In any case, official studies the rule of permanence and continuation of studies applies to students that an in all studies of those who enroll

  • If you are already studying an official study in this or any other University and want to combine with another study of the Faculty of law, once admitted / to is only necessary that we apply for a letter of admission by concurrency so present it in your center of origin and pay the transfer of record. This will make the transfer without closing your file. To apply please fill in this form, indicating in subject: concurrency.
  • Students who wish to combine studies since its inception at the University of Alicante, must get both degrees. To enroll, students must request concurrency expressly in corresponding workplaces. The academic record that opens in each qualification shall contain such circumstance.
  • In any case the registration shall be deemed conditional while not the receipt of the transfer fees have paid contributions and is not received academic certification officer of your University of origin, which necessarily shall contain relating to your entry ends at the University.
  • If you are a student of the University of Alicante and want to combine with a study of another University you have to get in touch with that University to learn more about your requirements. You must bring a letter of admission that clearly specify that you have supported by concurrency to make the transfer without closing your file and you can pursue two studies at the same time.
  • A degree qualification with the previous education system University studies that have given rise to such degree qualification is can not combine.

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